This new IMAGINARY exhibition in The Netherlands is organized by the Dutch Platform for Mathematics, in collaboration with Dutch universities and supported by partner organisations. The exhibition runs simultaneously in Flanders, where the Flanders Platform for Mathematics is the driving force. From June 2022 and throughout the school year 2022-2023 "IMAGINARY: beauty and power of mathematics" can be visited and experienced. There will be free guided tours for school classes and other interested parties at each location. The exhibition includes numerous top-quality posters, a series of 3D objects, puzzle setups and several interactive apps that visitors can engage with via large touchscreens. Mathematics: surprisingly diverse, appealingly beautiful and stunning applications!

Core Group Netherlands - Flanders

Wil Schilders (coordinator The Netherlands), Paul Igodt (coordinator Flanders), Joke Daemen, Dirk Siersma, An Speelman, Marnix Van Daele

Contact persons The Netherlands

Marin Visscher (Leiden), Ioan Tiberiu Marcut (Nijmegen), Barbara van den Berg (Utrecht), Colette Bos (Utrecht), Bart Groeneveld (Amsterdam), Roel Luppes (Groningen), Ivanka Dzon (Maastricht), Dieudonnée van de Willige (Maastricht), Esther Lutterman (Eindhoven), Jan Willem Polderman (Enschede)


Soon our partners will introduce themselves here.

Where and when?

Where When
Leiden, Oude universiteitsbibliotheek, Rapenburg 70 Book your class visit June 2 to July 25, 2022
Nijmegen, Huygensgebouw September 4 to 24, 2022
Utrecht October 1 to 21, 2022
Enschede November 2022
Eindhoven Februari/March 2023
Groningen, Zernike Campus April 1 to 23, 2023
Amsterdam May 2023
Maastricht June/July 2023


The opening hours will be announced in time before the start of the exhibition in a city. At each of the locations a beautiful catalog (see here the catalog of the 2016-2017 edition) will be available for a small fee, with a special rate for school classes (on request). Locally, we are working on a reservation system for free class visits, this will be announced on the website in time before the local exhibition starts.

Edition 2016-2017

Announcement posters

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Promotional videos

  • Platform Wiskunde Nederland

  • Alexander Rinnooy Kan

  • Ingrid Daubechies

  • Ionica Smeets

    Ionica Smeets studied technical mathematics at Delft University of Technology and obtained her PhD in 2010 from Leiden University on a subject in number theory. She was widely known for the website "Wiskundemeisjes" (Mathematics Girls), and gradually became more and more committed to science communication. Ionica is now head of the Leiden Science Communication and Society department and enjoys training students in the master's specialization of the same name. Within science communication she investigates the gap between experts and the general public. What goes wrong when those groups communicate with each other? And what can scientists do to improve this process? Ionica also writes books, such as "Rekenen voor je leven", and regularly appears on TV shows. In this video she gives her vision of the exhibition "Imaginary".

  • Johan Thijs

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